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“Fordi de andre gør det, og det virker”

En undersøgelse af danske kunstmuseer, kunsthaller og samlingers brug af sociale medier

The thesis seeks answers to how Danish Art Museum and Art Collections candevelop their products, by working with strategic development of experience economy and how use of social media can strengthen Art Museum and Art Collections in the competition for the potential audience.

This is done through analysis of the collected empirical material, and through analysis of selected Art Museum and Art Collections presence on the social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.

The conclusion is that elements of the experience economy can be used to make Danish Art Museum and Art Collections products stronger. One way to make them stronger is the use of digital and social media. Danish Art Museum and Art Collections are at the moment using social media as an additional delivery channel of information, but also to establish dialogue with potential users of the museum ore collection. The preferred social media platform is currently Facebook. They have whit their use of social media faced a number of challenges, in terms of particular of control. The biggest obstacles in their use of social media are a lack of resources and knowledge.

Danish Art Museum and Art Collections can take advantage of social media in their dissemination, but the use must be careful if it should create positive impact on their dissemination.

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